Octane Booster Power Capacitor for Most 2S Speed Controllers

Octane Booster Power Capacitor for Most 2S Speed Controllers

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MurfDogg Racing originally developed the OCTANE BOOSTER Power Control Module specifically for use with Tekin RS and RS PRO ESC, but we've found that it works with most racing style 2S speed controllers!  The OCTANE BOOSTER Module replaces your stock Power Capacitor.

The MurfDogg OCTANE BOOSTER gives you the performance of more than 4 stock Tekin power capacitors in a compact, user friendly unit. Unlike capacitors with radial leads that can break off in a crash, our unit has 3 surface mounted capacitors, mounted directly onto a circuit board for the strongest, best performing power module possible. Flexible 20 gauge wire leads allow you to attach the power module to the top of your ESC, or mount it remotely depending on your specific needs.

- The OCTANE BOOSTER stores battery voltage when off throttle or under braking. This voltage is then used to increase punch when throttle is applied. Braking feel is also improved.
- The OCTANE BOOSTER lowers the combined internal resistance of the ESC/Battery unit under load. This helps you maintain battery voltage longer into the run, and helps your motor and ESC run cooler and more efficiently.
- High power racing motors produce a ripple current onto the battery voltage. The lower the number of turns, the higher the ripple current. The OCTANE BOOSTER Module suppresses much of the ripple current, ensuring maximum battery voltage is available for the ESC and Motor for Maximum Punch.

Why not just run a BIG power capacitor?
- Size of the capacitor does not tell the whole story. More important than size is the capacitors ESR value (equivalent series resistance). The lower the ESR value is the better (less resistance). Our low ESR power capacitors are surface mounted for maximum efficiency and minimum resistance.

The OCTANE BOOSTER will provide racers with the maximum performance available from their ESC. Use of the MurfDogg OCTANE BOOSTER will provide the racer with more punch, better braking, cooler motor and ESC temps, more runtime, better battery voltage deeper into the run, and a very durable power capacitor module.

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