Alien 3 Conversion Kit (Converts MD Mid-Motor Loose Dirt Cars to Alien 3 Sprint)

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This is the Alien 3 conversion parts pack.  This will update your MurfDogg Alien Sprint to the latest spec as used by the MD Racing Team!  This is a bolt-on conversion.  No dremel/hacksaw/plasma cutter or voodoo doll needed!  You will need to update your cage to the CW V2 and we also recommend using a CDK Shark, Aero or Aggressor Body.

Don't have an Alien Sprint?  No problem!  You can also order the whole car!  Murfdogg Alien 3 Chassis Kit.  Additionally, you will be able to convert any mid motor MD loose dirt chassis into an A3 Sprint! This includes Mutant MM, Alien, and Alien 2.  Mutant Launcher can also be converted but you'll also need a Trans4mer gear case and a second idler gear.

  • Carbon Chassis
  • Carbon Front Shock Tower
  • Carbon Rear Shock Tower
  • Carbon Trans Brace
  • Carbon Pin Brace
  • Carbon ESC Perch
  • ESC Perch Standoffs

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